Environmental Remediation

Since 1990 Plymouth Environmental has been the leading Environmental Remediation Contractor in the Philadelphia, Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware regions. Plymouth’s long list of successful projects and experienced professionals give you the confidence that your project will be done on time, within budget, and with the bare minimum disruption to your existing operations.

We provide our clients with 24/7 service and specialize in the following:

Asbestos Abatement

Mold Remediation

Mercury Removal & Cleanup

Lead Paint Abatement

Whatever your situation, a clean environment is in sight. Let Plymouth get you through the storm!

Why Choose Plymouth?

When it comes to the science of Environmental Remediation, we really mean business. We know the regulations and the remedies, and we know how to asses, plan and complete the work so you can get on with yours…

  • All of our executives and field superintendents have 15-25 years experience in designing and managing complex remediation projects.

  • All of our field workers are comprehensively trained and certified in full accordance with HUD, EPA, OSHA and state guidelines.

  • All of our staff members maintain a strong commitment to your employees as well as ours to provide a safe workplace.

Environmental Remediation Project? Call Plymouth at 610.239.9920

Our goal is to get you cleaned up and back to normal – efficiently, without interruption, at a minimum cost and, always, safely.

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